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🇨🇦  Dear Canadian Friends,  🇨🇦

          This company was actually Founded by a Canadian 👋, and is headquartered in home sweet Toronto!  But because of the exchange rate and the shipping fees to cross Niagara Falls from America (Vegan Brain Food is made in the USA) I'd like to give all of my fellow Canadians a discount that eliminates any profit for the company. 


          I hate the way we always have to wait and watch new vegan goodies come out in The States first, so I want all of my fellow Canadian vegan friends, ***and anyone thinking about switching to plant-based, and leaving animals off of their plate***, to have access to this as affordably as possible!


           And don't worry, we will still set aside a portion of the proceeds to help protect all of the endangered 🦍 🦏 🐘, and rescued 🐮 🐷 🐣 that we support.   

           Just send me (it's the Founder, Gabriel here) a DM on Instagram with a 🇨🇦, and I'll send you over that discount code!

          Once you have that code you can just enter it at checkout on our main Amazon page.

           Cheers and all the best from my favourite Great Lake,



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