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Vegan Brain & Body Boost is currently available in the 🇺🇸, 🇨🇦 and 🇦🇺 (with free shipping in the US) and we're working hard to make this accessible  everywhere on 🌎 ASAP. 

If you live outside of the US, in order to counter your shipping fees (or if you live in the US and money is tight for any reason) just
send us a direct message with any animal emoji   🐮 🦋 🐻 🐳 🐙  on Instagram and we'll send you a discount code that eliminates any profit for the company!

If you live in the United States, Canada or Australia, click here to get your Vegan Brain + Body Boost!

If you live outside the US we're doing our best to bring Vegan Brain & Body Boost to you with free delivery, as affordably as possible so that everyone can enjoy the health benefits of these aminos that we can't get  from 🌱 (and that are barely found in dead animals either).   

If you'd like a head's up as soon as it becomes available in your country
 either send Gaia's Eye a direct message on Instagram  with your country's flag, or sign up below to get an email when it's ready in your country.  Getting thru all of each country's paperwork/regulatory process takes time and money, so the country's we get the most messages from are the ones we're going to focus on first.
More supplements for the body and brain are coming soon, (and some day our own plant-based milks, burgers and deserts where 20%+ of profits will go to Animal Protection causes).  If you'd like to be informed and get a head's up on our future foods and Animal Rights campaigns feel free to sign up below!
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Thanks, we'll be in touch as soon as Vegan Brain Food is available in your country!!

***We promise not to email you very often!!!  It’ll just be when Vegan Brain Food/Animal Rescue Life has a new vegan supplement or food option available (imagine how awesome it would be if 20% of all the money vegans spend on soy/oat milk, vegan burgers, ice cream etc. went to animal protection causes!) or when a MAJOR Animal Rights campaign we’re working on is making moves that you might want to know about!  

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