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🇦🇺  Dear Australian Friends,  🇦🇺

          Because there isn't free shipping to Australia, and because of any exchange rate fees, I'd like to give every Australian vegan, *and anyone thinking about switching to an animal-free diet* a discount that eliminates any profit for the company.  And don't worry, we will still set aside a portion of the proceeds to help protect all of the endangered 🦍 🦏 🐘, and rescued 🐮 🐷 🐣 that we support.   

           Just send me (it's the company Founder, Gabriel here) a DM on Instagram with a 🐨 or a 🇦🇺 emoji, and I'll send you over that discount code!

          Once you have that code you can just enter it at checkout on our main Amazon page.

           P.S.  As islanders blessed to be surrounded by beautiful oceans on all sides, I hope you can forgive me for not including a disposable plastic serving scoop in the container.  The container itself is very easily recyclable, but those scoops often end up in landfills/the oceans.  So you can just use one of those mini measuring scoops normally used for baking, or a regular teaspoon, and it'll be easy to measure out what goes into your breakfast bowl/smoothies...

           Cheers and all the best from your friend across the ocean (and a few Great Lakes) in Toronto Canada,


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