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🇬🇧 Dear British & Canadian Friends 🇨🇦

     This company was Founded by a Canadian 👋 who very much knows what it's like to see all of the awesome new vegan options coming out in the US years before we get a chance to try them 😾.  So I made sure to make Vegan Brain Food available as internationally as possible.  But because of exchange rates, and the fact that free shipping is only available in the US, we’d like to offer you a discount to counteract those extra fees.


     To get that discount, which will eliminate all profit for the company (we will still set a portion of revenue aside for our animal protection mission though, that will never change), just click here to send me a DM on Instagram with a 🇨🇦 or 🇦🇺 emoji.  My inbox is a bit overflowing at the moment, so those emojis will help your message stand out, but if you can't find the flags in your phone please just start your message with “Canadian here” or Australian here” and I'll send over the code!

     We will be coming soon to Amazon Canada and Australia (and to health food stores in both countries) but in the meantime please do not pay full price for this!

    Vegan Brain Food was always meant to be affordable and accessible as possible, because we firmly believe that providing the nutrients that can not be found in plants is important not just to help people go vegan, but to help people stay vegan, and keep the animals off of our plates, for good!

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